Plugging my other blog and new podcast…

I wanted to mention that I recently co-published a new podcast episode featuring an innovative micro tonal composer. A blog about the show and where to hear it is posted on another WordPress blog of mine, this one about my music activities at If you follow me on Wood and Wire Ware please consider following me at the music blog. Thanks and have a great weekend!


Writing Data and So Is I

Spent a lot of time last couple days working on my next app which is going to have a focus for diabetics. I have a personal interest in that in my family, designed the app initially for that need and am in process of making it for public consumption.

Writing or saving user data on the iOS mobile devices is in theory not difficult but for me in the programming it has been challenging though I think I’m seeing the light in the technical. Once this is acquired it will be very useful if not necessary in many apps to come. I didn’t deal with it perse in Tips Across the Waters , only temporary arrays holding data. On a future update there will be a use however.

I’m using picker wheels again on the new app and issues in refreshing those objects with the saved data has been partially the challenge. I may rethink the use of them in the interface but I find them very useful in this particular case.

Speaking of Tips though I’m about to shift gears and do three updates to the current version that i should release in next week or so. One will include conversion updates and the other two came from buyer suggestions and thanks very much to those folks for the suggestions.

Am image from errands today Shadows, metal, rubber and air. Taking a break to go play some fiddle…

A Name, A Destination

With a purpose to do article every couple of days for my development blog I was scratching for an entry today. And without wanting to just tout my recently released app but yet have this blog have something more to say, I decided to give some history behind the making of my company/venture name, Wood and Wire Ware.

Wood and Wire Ware is a new chapter In new light of reinventing my muse if you will in the legacy of my music label of many years Wood and Wire Music which I formed in the late 90’s when I released my first cd of acoustic guitar compositions Celtic Journey to the Path.

Wood and Wire was then the marrying of the purity of the instrument, the organic, the aging folky with an edge which is what my music was about and though now more experimental, the sense of acoustic and organic roots remain.

As I wrote in the entry from a few days ago on my journey to this stage of software development, now known as ‘apps’ which I keep wanting to call programs or the longer ‘applications’, I started exploring this platform and the coding for it, objective c, a year ago. In many ways music, art, programming all go together as its all math, all calculated but even with software instructions for the machines we call computers, ‘heart’ is a key factor at least for me and I think truthfully for any creator of things.

So it’s all an evolution and hence the connection between my worlds of Wood and Wire, now with Ware from soft.

Though early in the ‘app’ game it was my goal to get a usable product in the Apple store before the year was out and I’ve been very proud to have pulled that off and still got time to geT a good start on another release before years end if all goes well. I do plan an update for Tips Across the Waters in about a month to at the least update the conversion rates. I have another view also in mind for an additional feature that was suggested to me in a FB comment if time allows. It’s a simple app but I think one that offers some useful functionality to the mobile user so please to check it out at Tips Across the Waters, buy a copy or maybe give it as a gift for the holidays and by all means if you do, please consider posting a review.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for checking out my blog here at Wood and Wire Ware.

My Journey to Mobile Apps Development, part 1

Get Tips Across the Waters in the Apple storeWith a new app out and the start of a new venture I decided that I would do a blog to tell my story of how ‘Tips Across the Waters’ and hopefully many more came to begin.

I have a background of many hats including musician, photographer, video editor/maker, Information Technology professional of many years, hacker with a range of languages and web designer/coder so adding mobile apps development feels a good fit. I say hacker at range of languages, I came to computers late but ironically paralleling a relocation to New York in the early 90’s just about the time the corporate sector began to think about computer networks in their offices. I came to NY with a number years of experience in television production from my years in Arkansas. While trying to continue that in some way here in New York I fell in to initially admin assist and then help desk roles which led to various IT related over the years. Off and on during this period I would pick up a language and try to learn a bit hoping to find a door to crossover from the help desk/support world which never seemed to happen.

As my kids were growing up Apple computers came in to my world more and more, then the iPods arrived, then the Touch and then the holy grail the iPhone. I began to hear about the mini-programs through my son who said to me about a year ago, ‘dad you ought to learn the programming language to make apps’ and having delved in to BASIC, then C, then C++, then Java some, then some stuff based in the Unix/Linux world I was curious what was being used. We both thought C#. The search soon led to ‘objective c’ which I learned that I already had some foundation for, that it was essentially a custom C with classes.

So I began self teaching myself in the fall of 2010, initially with a couple of books, Head FIrst iPhone Development and then the Big Nerd Rand iPhone book, doing examples and plugging in some of my own ideas to see what would happen, then I started to google more and find examples and tutorials and by spring of this year I began to ‘get it’ to a degree.

Coming back from a school trip with my daughter I had a breakthrough in understanding and began to mull over some concepts I had thought of when I began this journey, meaning ideas that I thought might turn in to a good app and one of these was a tip calculator something I often felt a need for on a personal level.

I began playing with ideas and some structure, put together an initial interface in Information Builder and thus ‘Tips Across the Waters’ began to be created though then it was unnamed and quite a bit more simplistic. I’m going to break this entry for now and continue with the rest of the story as said in the next entry, stay tuned…

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