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Okay glitches and accidentally hit publish prematurely but as I was saying I’ve had a couple of comments from buyers of my app who have said ‘I enter the amount and tap 20 percent and nothing happens’, what’s up?

Well the way I wrote Tips Across the Waters after you have entered a number in either the amount field, the ‘other’ percent or the guest share, you have to tap on Return on the iPhone/Touch/iPad keyboard or the field of stuff you just entered will not complete and the app will appear not to work.

To my understanding this is the best way of ‘hiding or dimissing’ the keyboard and completing the action, moving the user on to the next part of the program, In this case processing the tip amount. There are a couple of other ways to do this from a programming standpoint but from my research and experience so far the idea of completing the field of information by tapping the Return button on the graphical i(device) keyboard parallels the way we type.

Well possibly not worthy of a blog entry but naturally I’m concerned users of my app[lication] ‘get’ this to have the most successful and enjoyable experience. I’m also wanting this blog to play part of a FAQ for my apps, sort of a FAQ with a human touch. 🙂


Tips Across the Waters released!

Wood and Wire Ware is a new mobile apps development company that I founded during 2011. My first iOS application, a lifestyle app titled Tips Across the Waters is officially out, released yesterday October 27, 2011.

Tips Across the Waters is a combination tip calculator and currency converter, offering integration of the two or can be used independently.

Tips Across the Waters home screen

Tips Across the Waters features include…

– Low light visibility friendly screen
– Rotatable views (portrait/landscape)
– 10/15/20 percent as well as your choice of tip amount entry
– Currency conversion among 11 currencies

Find out more and purchase via iTunes.

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