Post Thanksgiving images, app thoughts and wanderings and caught a great podcast series

I hope everyone in the States had a great holiday weekend and that those abroad had a wonderful weekend. I spent time in my native Arkansas with my daughter visiting family. It was a wonderful time and as always I need to find more opportunities to get back more often. A few pic’s from the trip are…

Coming in to Little Rock

Coming in to Little Rock

Lights on the HIghway, near Batesville

Lights on the Highway, near Batesville

Continuing to think about my current and future app ideas for Wood and Wire Ware. As echoed earlier I’m planning the first update on Tips Across the Waters, my first app, which I released and was accepted in to the Apple store in late October (2011). An eleven currency converter and tip calculator, Tips Across the Waters, offers ease of use for both the world traveler and neighborhood diner. I’ve been offered a couple of suggestions that I’m hoping to employ in the first update. For those of you who have purchased my app, thank you! If you have please consider doing a review on iTunes. Additionally I’m working on my next app idea that will have a focus on diabetes.

I’ve recently came across a great podcast series on development, entrepreneurialism and Internet startup ventures, titled ‘Startups for the Rest of Us’ hosted by Mike Taber and Rob Walling. I’ve enjoyed four episodes thus far that is providing much food for thought as I delve in to my venture in app development. Check them out via their site at Startups for the Rest of Us as well as in iTunes.

My brother Bill's back deck

My brother Bill's back deck

All the recent images as well as these on this post were all made from the iPad. Though a few strange looks in public when I photograph from it, it so much reminds me as well as feels like I’m working with a view camera, something I always wanted in the analog world but was too costly to afford. The detail is of course not what it would be in a 4×5 or 8×10 film view camera but the feel of looking through the iPad display is both exciting as well compositionally inspiring.

Arkansas - wood cut

Arkansas - wood cut

I produced a walk through video of Tips Across the Waters recently and you can see it here on YouTube.

That’s it for this entry. Here are a couple more images from the recent trip.

Flying out on Monday - Clouds and Hidden Landscape

Flying out on Monday - Clouds and Hidden Landscape

All photographs were made by Jim Goodin.


Happy Thanksgiving and iPad Pic Daily tweets

For those here in the USA many wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving today with you and your family from myself and Wood and Wire Ware. For me I’m celebrating with my immediate family today and then traveling with my daughter tomorrow to my native land of Arkansas to celebrate with sibling, sibling spouse and parent there. Very much looking forward to both.

One area related to mobile apps and this blog is a random photo series I started several days ago taking one to two to three pictures a day made with my iPad camera documenting the day and tweeting them. I’m particularly enjoying photographing through the iPad as it feels like photographing through an 8×10 view camera.

Three images made this AM in celebration of the day and the fall are these, Thanksgiving Day Detail 1, Thanksgiving Day Detail2 and Thanksgiving Day Detail 3.

Follow me on Twitter to see my images and reflections daily at jimgoodinmusic.

Remember my first app available through the Apple store, a currency converter and tip calculator, is at Tips Across the Waters.

Have a wonderful holiday!

A Name, A Destination

With a purpose to do article every couple of days for my development blog I was scratching for an entry today. And without wanting to just tout my recently released app but yet have this blog have something more to say, I decided to give some history behind the making of my company/venture name, Wood and Wire Ware.

Wood and Wire Ware is a new chapter In new light of reinventing my muse if you will in the legacy of my music label of many years Wood and Wire Music which I formed in the late 90’s when I released my first cd of acoustic guitar compositions Celtic Journey to the Path.

Wood and Wire was then the marrying of the purity of the instrument, the organic, the aging folky with an edge which is what my music was about and though now more experimental, the sense of acoustic and organic roots remain.

As I wrote in the entry from a few days ago on my journey to this stage of software development, now known as ‘apps’ which I keep wanting to call programs or the longer ‘applications’, I started exploring this platform and the coding for it, objective c, a year ago. In many ways music, art, programming all go together as its all math, all calculated but even with software instructions for the machines we call computers, ‘heart’ is a key factor at least for me and I think truthfully for any creator of things.

So it’s all an evolution and hence the connection between my worlds of Wood and Wire, now with Ware from soft.

Though early in the ‘app’ game it was my goal to get a usable product in the Apple store before the year was out and I’ve been very proud to have pulled that off and still got time to geT a good start on another release before years end if all goes well. I do plan an update for Tips Across the Waters in about a month to at the least update the conversion rates. I have another view also in mind for an additional feature that was suggested to me in a FB comment if time allows. It’s a simple app but I think one that offers some useful functionality to the mobile user so please to check it out at Tips Across the Waters, buy a copy or maybe give it as a gift for the holidays and by all means if you do, please consider posting a review.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for checking out my blog here at Wood and Wire Ware.

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