Plugging my other blog and new podcast…

I wanted to mention that I recently co-published a new podcast episode featuring an innovative micro tonal composer. A blog about the show and where to hear it is posted on another WordPress blog of mine, this one about my music activities at If you follow me on Wood and Wire Ware please consider following me at the music blog. Thanks and have a great weekend!


More Reflected Light

February 1 and settling in to a new room, new year. Though this blog started out writing about my new software venture it’s becoming more about life and day to day, thoughts, reflections. It doesn’t mean no more talk about the app(s), it just means to me another chapter, another reinventing my picture. In a sense it all connects and relates, my music, imagery, coding, all tied together.

I will say as my teenagers are maturing, moving on, it continues to feel everything is passing too quick, grasping at moments, trying to remember those elements of their childhood me as a new dad something I never dreamed or planned would happen. I come to experiences about 10 years later than most and this one no less.

At the same time all these interests and projects keeping me in a circle of creativity which I am much thankful for. It helps with recognizing that my children are yet not her element in this muse albeit a very important one. I used to say all the muses were, one was not more than the other, then that lEd to terrible feelings of guilt yet in a way maybe it’s a balance that I’m still learning to understand. I miss their younger years and at the same time realize it symbolizes my own life and mortality.

All lose rambling in this entry that has nothing to do with software development and possibly everything, depending on how you see it.

I will close with things on the radar are getting ready to record a cd, first focused in several years taking part in the RPMChallenge, feeling more and more this one will be are turn to the guitar and work similar but new to my solo Hegesquework of the 90’s. I working on a podcast release with Paul Muller featuring the work of microtonal composer and drummer Peter Thoegersen and also getting back to the updates on Tips. Stay tuned on all…

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